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In on the Other Side of Spy Software

These days, tracking someone’s activities down or simply spying another person through his or her cellphone is so easily done and even right at the comfort of anybody’s home. It doesn’t require one to buy dozens of hidden and spy cameras and have them installed strategically in all places where the target person usually goes to. Spying has never been this easy, convenient, and inexpensive with spy software.

Several years back, you would need to have a court order to be able to do phone surveillance on someone else. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to see the court once your cover is blown. Today, however, there is no law to suspend anyone from tapping into the cellphone radio waves. Anyone who has a spyware account can remotely access the target phone’s call logs, messages --- both sent and received, contact numbers, listen in and record phone conversation, read phone’s browsing history, and even track the location of the phone.

Mobile spying is definitely an invasion to privacy. Anyone who has remotely accessed your phone has all the information about all your mobile activities for the day, and maybe for the rest of your life, as long as his or her software account remains active. Despite the legality of phone spy software many are enjoying today, it is less likely to remain the same in the future. It is indisputable that there are many people who misuse and abuse all the benefits of the application. Additionally, the usage of the software can lead to criminal offenses, which may be committed by individuals who are incapable of positively coping up with the painful truth about their spouse’s secret affairs and their children’s illegal activities.

There is a story of one father who murdered his whole family --- his wife and five kids, after finding out about his wife’s infidelity which he knew after using a spyware to tap into his wife’s phone conversations. The story may be one of the many possible extreme cases of the spy software into the wrong hands. However, such incidences cannot be predicted. Software users do not undergo physical and mental assessment tests before the product is sold to them. All they need to have is an internet connection and a credit card to pay for their purchase. On a positive note, the spy software offers it users a level of comfort in knowing that they can keep track of what their children are up to when outside the confines of their home --- especially when it comes to knowing the crowd they are hanging out with, and where they hang out. It also provides consolation to people who are afraid their spouses might be cheating on them. In terms of business, employers are more able and efficient in keeping track of their employees’ performance at work.

This mobile phone spy is generally a good application for the general population. However, not all people are responsible enough for every action they make. This invention may just need proper regulation from the government to make it even more efficient for a good cause and not a problem for society in the future.