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The Valladolid University Online Judge (UVa) Problemset


The old server, which doesn't receive submissions anymore:


This site has been around for quite awhile, with over 7 million submissions as of February 26th, 2009.


Please use the Problem Template when adding new problems; see Help:Editing for a step-by-step guide.

Use the search bar to find the volume you are looking for. For example, "UVa Volume I" links to UVa Volume I.

Related Links

Outsbook - UVa Problem Hints

UVa Problem Hints - You can find hints of UVa problems and also test your input and output.


An archive of helper utilities, such as a statistics comparer, a sorting of the easiest problems and separated ranklists for the countries.

Methods to Solve

Compilation of various methods to solve the problems. Has methods for about 35% of the problems.

Quest to Solve

Inspired by Methods to Solve. Has solutions to over 530 UVa problems in a database searchable by keywords, algorithm types, and difficulty.

ShyGypsy Labs

Various tools for UVa problems.

ACMSolver Site

Various Tips for UVa problems.

UVA toolkit

Various tools for UVa problems. You can construct your own test cases and get the correct output (currently available for over 1430 problems). Also has keywords/classification for all these problems.

programming contest problems and solutions

Solutions for UVA problems using C++ and Java

Algorithm Share

Sample algorithms, solutions and codes for UVA problems. Some solutions are presented with substantial explanations. Samples codes are written mostly in C/C++. Tutorials are given on how to parse and spot easy problems. Some simulations are also provided to enhance the understanding of applied algorithms.

UVa for Android

A third-party android application for UVa Online Judge.

Return Zero

A good Problem Clearance , Hint, & Solution Site . Before watching solution read the Problem Clearance, Hint, & Other writings about a Specific problems to solve it without watching Solution . Currently topics are limited it will be enlarge its Topic gradually .