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The Valladolid University Online Judge (UVa) Problemset[edit]


The old server, which doesn't receive submissions anymore:


This site has been around for quite awhile, with over 7 million submissions as of February 26th, 2009.


Please use the Problem Template when adding new problems; see Help:Editing for a step-by-step guide.

Use the search bar to find the volume you are looking for. For example, "UVa Volume I" links to UVa Volume I.

Related Links[edit]

Outsbook - UVa Problem Hints[edit]

UVa Problem Hints - You can find hints of UVa problems and also test your input and output.


An archive of helper utilities, such as a statistics comparer, a sorting of the easiest problems and separated ranklists for the countries.

Methods to Solve[edit]

Compilation of various methods to solve the problems. Has methods for about 35% of the problems.

Quest to Solve[edit]

Inspired by Methods to Solve. Has solutions to over 530 UVa problems in a database searchable by keywords, algorithm types, and difficulty.

ShyGypsy Labs[edit]

Various tools for UVa problems.

ACMSolver Site[edit]

Various Tips for UVa problems.

UVA toolkit[edit]

Various tools for UVa problems. You can construct your own test cases and get the correct output (currently available for over 1430 problems). Also has keywords/classification for all these problems.

programming contest problems and solutions[edit]

Solutions for UVA problems using C++ and Java

Algorithm Share[edit]

Sample algorithms, solutions and codes for UVA problems. Some solutions are presented with substantial explanations. Samples codes are written mostly in C/C++. Tutorials are given on how to parse and spot easy problems. Some simulations are also provided to enhance the understanding of applied algorithms.

UVa for Android[edit]

A third-party android application for UVa Online Judge.

Return Zero[edit]

A good Problem Clearance , Hint, & Solution Site . Before watching solution read the Problem Clearance, Hint, & Other writings about a Specific problems to solve it without watching Solution . Currently topics are limited it will be enlarge its Topic gradually .