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#[[Graph Theory]]
#[[Dynamic Programming]]
#[[Dynamic Programming]]

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The Algorithmist

The Algorithmist is a resource dedicated to anything algorithms - from the practical realm, to the theoretical realm. There are also links and explanation to problemsets.


  1. Simulation
  2. Ad Hoc
  3. Sorting
  4. Bruteforce
  5. Graph Theory
  6. Dynamic Programming
  7. Greedy
  8. Computational Geometry
  9. Number Theory


UVa Problemset - http://acm.uva.es/p - The Valladolid University Online Judge. Over N problems, for a reasonable value of N. The problems are culled from old contests, and online contests.

ACM-ICPC Live Archive - http://acmicpc-live-archive.uva.es/nuevoportal/ - The 2000's ACM-ICPC Live Archive Around the World. Contains actual problems from regionals and finals from 2000 on.

Maintained by Larry, Ryan, Jason and Jack.