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Welcome, future UIUC programming team!

My name is Jeff Tamer. I was a member of the 2005 ACM team that attended the world finals in Shanghai. Steve Downing, John Carrino and I successfully solved 5 out of 10 problems, winning us first place in the US and 17th place worldwide.

I've included all ten problems here, along with an analysis of each problem and potential solutions. See if you can understand these, and keep practicing so we can do even better next year!

Good luck,

Jeff (

P.S. This website was my final project for CS 397 (Individual Study with Dr. Woodbury). The information might be incomplete in places, and the solutions may be buggy, so feel free to add to the analyses and to change anything that's wrong. You can edit any page on this website by creating an account and going to the "Edit" tab.

2005 World Finals Problems[edit]



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