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All times are in GMT/UTC unless noted otherwise.

[edit] Short-term Contests

101 Hack. HackerRank's periodic monthly contest that happens every last saturday of the month at It is all about speed, efficiency and accuracy. There are 3 interesting challenges to solve in 3 hours.

Guess the Rating, an ML Contest by HackerRank HackerRank presents you one of the finest AI Challenges we have ever hosted. The challenge is to guess the rating of a user from Topcoder, given training data. Come see us on May 25th 10am UTC. Register for the contest here -

Online Programming The battle of the Coders kicks off with hordes of programming geeks, ready to pit their coding and logical thinking skills to the test against the best on the battlefield of SPOJ. Compete against some of the most astute programming minds across the world to experience nail-biting tension and the ecstatic joy of coding, at the Online Programming Contest of Kurukshetra. Do you look both ways before crossing a one - way street? Then you are the programmer we are looking for! For details visit :!/events/onlineprogramming

[edit] Long-term Contests

  • now - 20 Apr 2013 16:00: Al Zimmermann's Programming Contests Factorials

HackerRank Monthly Contest
Date/Time: May 31 - June 9
The contest hosts 5 challenges which are progressively harder to solve. You'll have to 'unlock' each problem to view and solve the next one for a chance to win cool prizes!

[edit] Where we get this information

This list is currently being updated manually. A list of pages with schedules and contest announcements can be found on this page.

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