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Navigation is currently not set in stone yet, but most of the functionality lies in the navigation bar and the search bar to the left.

Using UVa for UVa problems, and LA for Live Archive problems, you can search for it that way. For example, if you want UVa #101, you can search for "UVa 101".

Refer to the template Template:Problem when adding new solutions, thanks!

Remember to leave a brief comment about the changes, so we'll know what's going on!

When creating a new solution, add the text {{subst:problem}} and save. Then go back and edit it to your heart's content.

For consistency's sakes, Help:Algorithmist Problemset Conventions is created for the purpose of keeping everything relatively the same.

For information about using Latex and texting math, go visit

For code pieces, you can use <code lang="language">:

int main() {
  printf("Hello World!");